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Training Courses
CERTIFIED Kanban Systems Design/Kanban Management Professional Level I Training Course:

LeanKanban is a popular framework used by software teams practicing agile software development.  

Come and learn about "the alternative path to agility" that everyone is talking about!


This training course is designed to provide students with a solid grasp of LeanKanban principles and practices, and helps them learn how to use a Kanban board to visualize and improve workflow. The training is highly interactive and participatory.  Ariel will be conducting the training in the New York City area.  The class takes place over two days, after which all students will receive a Kanban Management Professional I (KMP-I ) certification.


LeanKanban helps teams handle issues of cross-team coordination, cross-project planning and continuous flow—especially for teams that provide production support or experience significant requirements “evolution.”  Kanban helps teams understand, measure, and ultimately reduce or eliminate the sources of delay.  Given a fixed deadline and a large number of work items to be completed, Kanban provides specific guidance for the key question: “what should we work on first?”


LeanKanban is a general-purpose agile framework that can be applied in many different situations in IT, from managing project portfolios ("Portfolio Kanban") to design work ("Upstream Kanban") to help desks to developing large-scale enterprise systems.   LeanKanban is also used extensively in non-IT environments including underwriting, loan processing, drug discovery, advertising campaigns, and many others.  Within information technology, LeanKanban is often used to complement scrum, and the combination is sometimes referred to as "Scrumban".


The Kanban methodology dates back more than 50 years to the pioneering work done by Taiichi Ohno on the Toyota Lean Production System, formerly known as Just-In-Time manufacturing. Kanban was adapted for knowledge work in the early 2000s and popularized by David Anderson's 2010 book "Kanban." LeanKanban is an approach to process change for organizations which uses visualization with a kanban board, allowing a better understanding of work and workflow. It advises limiting work in progress, which reduces waste from multitasking and context switching, exposes operational problems and stimulates collaboration to improve the system. LeanKanban is rooted in two sets of principles, for change management and service delivery, which emphasize evolutionary change and customer focus. The method does not prescribe a specific set of steps, but starts from existing context and stimulates incremental and evolutionary changes to the system.


For more information on attending a Kanban Training session please complete and submit the form to the right.

SpecFlow Training

SpecFlow automated testing frameworks represent an exciting leap forward in the development of robust, quality software. Used correctly, this set of techniques can simultaneously solve problems with requirements, testing, and documentation. 


As a development tool, an analysis tool, and a testing tool, Behavior Driven Development (BDD) frameworks like SpecFlow provide many convenience functions and are pre-integrated with powerful libraries like Nunit and selenium to make writing tests a snap. As a collaboration tool, BDD helps ensure the “three amigos” (tester, analyst and developer) sync up – ahead of time. As a facilitation technique, BDD enables product owners to efficiently provide the team with concrete examples that clarify the true intent of a user story and define the boundaries. As a reporting tool, BDD captures functional coverage, mapping features to their acceptance criteria to their test results, in an attractive hierarchical presentation.


This training course is designed to provide students with a cost-effective approach to improving quality that can scale down to the smallest and up to the largest development efforts.  Ariel will be conducting the training in the New York City area.

For more information on attending a SpecFlow Training session please complete and submit the form to the right.