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Ariel Partners provides a variety of different trainings.
Please select one of our solution options below to learn more, or register here.

Fundamentals of Agile
This two-day ICAgile certified course provides a whirlwind tour of the state of the art in agile processes: agile requirements, forecasting estimation and metrics, Kanban and scrum, human centered design, scaling, DevOps, test automation, and more. Highly interactive and engaging, this training provides an excellent background and preparation for joining an agile team or adopting agile.

Certified Kanban Training
Learn the alternative path to agility with certified kanban classes. Use Kanban to manage any process: human resources, sales, underwriting, corporate strategy, IT operations, and software development. Understand how Kanban systems can be used to visualize and manage delivery flow and drive continuous improvement.


Agile Estimation, Forecasting, and Metrics
Learn about the latest advancements in up-front estimation and forecasting, metrics, and tracking. Learn how to estimate even the largest projects with significantly better accuracy than before, how to create release dashboards, balanced scorecard type reporting, and both leading and lagging metrics.


Agile Requirements Workshop
Learn how to maximize return on investment and speed of delivery with this in-depth exploration of how to capture the big picture with story maps, create effective user stories, and split user stories

Human Centered Design
Learn practical, hands on methods that will turbo charge your discovery process. Learn about design thinking and how it can be applied to dramatically improve user engagement and satisfaction.

Agile Scaling with Scrum and Kanban
Learn about the most popular and proven techniques for scaling up efforts to coordinate multiple agile teams working together and larger-scale initiatives. Covers most popular methods including Kanban Flight Levels, Kanban Maturity Model, Large Scale Scrum, SAFe, Nexus, and Scrum@Scale.


Agile for Leaders and Executives
Learn about what leaders and executives can do to support their agile organizations and lead a successful digital transformation. Understand the key role management plays in supporting agile teams. Learn about management 3.0 and cutting edge facilitation techniques that dramatically improve buy-in and engagement.

Agile Governance and Oversight at Scale
What does agile governance look like? How does it differ from traditional governance? Given the lack of detailed plans up-front, the reduced emphasis on documentation, and the eschewing of traditional metrics such as earned value, one might assume that governance and oversight is more challenging in the agile space. In fact, agile methods offer governance and oversight a wealth of new tools and capabilities, enabling a more proactive and collaborative approach.


Private Classes
Schedule a private class based on the specific requirements, goals, and challenges of your organization. For example, we could combine elements from multiple training classes to support your organization's custom agile processes. We will provide custom training at your site or at one of our NYC or Washington DC based training facilities.