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Our Clients and Experience


Ariel assisted the FBI with transitioning from a traditional Waterfall development methodology to an Agile/DevOps approach. Provide Tier III operational support for 450 labs in 50 countries.  Deliver bug fixes and major system enhancements. Significantly improved the performance of the CODIS software reducing the time it takes to prepare DNA records for cross-searching from 10 hours to 20 minutes. Established the Continuous Integration of CODIS, which has 2 million lines of Microsoft .NET-based code written in five programming languages. Awarded a 10-year contract for new development and maintenance of CODIS with Lockheed Martin and ECS Federal.


Ariel consultants work with HBO’s Digital Products division building tools and technologies to support HBO’s flagship HBO GO, HBO NOW, and website media streaming platforms. Ariel provided Full-Stack Developers working with cutting-edge technologies on the PERN stack (PostgreSQL, Express, ReactJS/Redux and Node.JS). Ariel consultants developed a set of tools to facilitate on-boarding and off-boarding of new staff that automates and centralizes provisioning of Enterprise tools such as GitHub, WebStorm, Slack, VictorOps, YouTrack, BlueJeans, and Artifactory.   Ariel consultants created a permissioning micro service to centralize authorization across internally-developed applications. Ariel consultants are working with HBO teams to develop a platform for capturing and reporting performance metrics that will be used to analyze service usage, detect outages, watch deployments and generate alerts. The platform uses custom analytics and leverages Grafana for visualizations. All applications are developed using an AWS-cloud based DevOps pipeline that enables rapid development of new applications with development, staging, and production instances all running in cloud-based Docker containers. 100% automated test coverage is maintained for every application and micro-service using a combination of unit tests (using mocha/chai/sinon) and feature-based integration tests (using CucumberJS/selenium/protractor). This approach (100% automated testing coverage, 100% DevOps automation from development to production) has drastically reduced HBO’s system administration costs, enabling HBO to focus more on developing compelling new user experiences.


Ariel placed some of the most specialized financial technologists for Liquidnet. We have retained Full-Stack Developers and Architects with PM/BA skills, UX/UI Designers, and a Senior WPF/C# developer to augment Liquidnet’s Trading Technology with a real-time front-end trading application.

United States Department of Health and Human Services

This Subcontract Agreement is for Application Development services in a temporary capacity assisting in the development of mission critical application software components, performing function and technical analysis, design, programming, testing, support, debugging, and maintenance of mission critical web-based software products. The Application Developer will perform the following anticipated tasks as part of a team and at the direction of Stringer’s lead Application Developer.

United States Environmental Protection Agency

Ariel supports IT operations and telecommunications services, including network engineering and administration, Lotus Notes development and administration, LAN support, service desk, training, computer and workstation support and web applications/software development. We provide application development support that maintains more than 30 currently used applications in addition to the design, testing, and deployment of new applications. Ariel ensures high system availability of the EPA IRMD infrastructure supporting 3,000 users, 40 servers, 51 applications, and four geographic locations on a 24x7 basis. We also provide local and remote training that includes in-classroom instruction, webinars and recorded content. We support the Online Library System (OLS) that provides access to thousands of EPA library resources through a consolidated web-based database system.

Social Security Administration

The Social Security Administration’s (SSA) agile development approach uses an iterative, incremental process that is characterized by frequent releases developed in close collaboration with the customer. This modular and incremental approach is encouraged by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). SSA’s approach allows the ability to quickly respond to changing customer needs and opportunities to implement improvements, thereby reducing the risk of project failure and ensuring that the delivered product performs as intended.

SSA has multiple projects using agile software development methodologies.  For example, SSA is currently in the process of developing a new disability case processing system. SSA also uses agile to provide system enhancements for other systems and applications already in use. Read the press release here.

Bright Power / Fannie Mae

Ariel Partners developed a microservice integrating Bright Power utility reporting information systems with Fannie Mae for disclosure reporting and data warehouse reporting, supporting Fannie Mae’s $50B Green Loan initiative. Fannie Mae (the Federal National Mortgage Association, FNMA) created the Fannie Mae Green Financing program to provide preferred pricing to borrowers who a) Implement energy and water-saving upgrades (Fannie Mae Green Rewards), or b) obtain a green certification (Green Building Certification Pricing Break). The information provided by the integration microservice is used, in part, to support Fannie Mae’s disclosures to investors.

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